Modi Yoga Retreat

Rishikesh, Uttarakhand
35000 sq.ft.
30 Keys

The design of Modi Yoga Retreat is inspired from the “Landscape” it is set in, creating a symphony of balance between human and nature. Keeping the location and its splendor in mind, the design blends with its surroundings rather than stands out. The façade of the hotel is designed as a mural with an undulating form (wave) to echo the flow of the river, whilst the exteriors are clad in wood to seamlessly merge the structure with its landscape. The interior colour scheme is total harmony with its natural environment. The overall scheme is muted, however splashes of colours such as blue inspired from the Ganga, greens from the forest, pinks inspired from the colour of the sky when the sunsets are used to blend with the fabric and the experience the city has to offer.