At KNS Architects, we are honoured and proud to be the recipients of prestigious awards that underscore our commitment to architectural innovation and design excellence. These accolades stand as a testament to our unwavering dedication to pushing boundaries, shaping landscapes, and creating spaces that leave a lasting impact. Receiving these accolades is a testament to the collaborative efforts of our talented team of architects, designers, and professionals who bring passion and expertise to every project. It reaffirms our belief that architecture is not just about structures; it's about weaving narratives, solving challenges, and contributing to the fabric of communities. As we celebrate these achievements, we remain committed to the principles that have earned us these honours—innovation, excellence, and a dedication to turning dreams into architectural masterpieces. We look forward to continuing our journey of design brilliance, creating spaces that inspire and leave an indelible mark on the architectural landscape.

  • Architecture and Design Community
  • Times Hospitality icons- Eve, Powai
  • Indian Restaurant Awards – Eve, Powai
  • German Design Award for Excellence in Design “Abhyudaya” & “Angular Geometry”
  • Best of Houzz 2018 “Most Popular House”
  • Index Excellence Award in “Retail Design “
  • Realty plus Excellence Award “Design project of the Year”
  • Archi Design Award “Commercial Category”
  • International award by Icons of Spaces (Bergs) for “Residential Interiors” & “Office Interiors”
  • CWAB Awards by Construction World Magazine for “Commercial Category”
  • Alpha Awards for “Retail Spaces”
  • Rachana Sansad felicitation for “Contribution towards the field of Architecture”
  • Society Interiors Design Award
  • VMRD Award “Retail Spaces”
  • AICA Award “Retail” & “Residential” Spaces
  • International Design & Architecture Award “Residential Interiors”
  • International Design & Architecture Award “Retail Spaces”
  • ACEF Award “Retail Spaces” & “ Residential Design”
  • A+D & Cera Award “Retail Spaces”
  • IIID Award for “Retail Spaces”
  • IIID Award for “Retail Spaces”
  • AICA Award for “Residential Interiors”
  • Archi Design National Award for “Retail Spaces”
  • IIID Award for “Residential Multi Dwelling”
  • IIID Award for “Work Space – Small”
  • iGen – Generation Next Architects by ITP
  • International Design & Architecture Award 2012’ by Design et al (London)
  • Home & Décor ‘Big Twelve Viewers Choice Award’
  • TADE Award by Trends ‘Excellence Award’
  • AICA Award for “Mall Architecture – Aesthetic Excellence”
  • AICA Award for “Mall – Landscape Architecture”
  • AICA Award for “Mall – Functionality” (2011)
  • AICA Award for “Commercial Space planning & Functionality”
  • IIID Award for “Residential Multi Dwelling”
  • IIID Award for “Work Space – Small”
  • IIID Award on National Level for “Work Space – Large”
  • All India Achievers Award for “Excellence in Architecture”
  • International Achievers Awards for “Excellence in Architecture”
  • Architects & Interiors India Award for “Best Residential Space”
  • IAD Award for “Best Interior Designer Residential”
  • IIID Award for “Residential Single Dwelling”
  • IIID Award for “Residential Multi Dwelling”
  • IIID Award for “Residential Space”
  • VM&RD Award for “Best Retail Design”
  • Archi Design National Award for “Best Interior Design Project”
  • IIJS Best Stall Design Award for- Diatrends, Summit Jewellery, Kiah, Agni, Kama Schachter
  • IIID Award for “Best Office Space” (2004) ; Award from Indian Navy for outstanding contribution towards Gymnasiums