• Location
    Washington DC
  • Area
    27,000 sq. ft., 5 ACRES
  • Status
  • Discipline
    Architecture, Interiors


Springvale 518 is a modern home on a serene five-acre plot in Virginia, a testament to contemporary Indian architecture seamlessly integrated into the lush natural surroundings. Envisioned during the challenges of COVID-19 times, this residence reflects the family’s desire for a spacious, modern abode with vastu-compliance.

Positioned slightly off-center on the expansive plot, the 30,000-square-foot villa boasts a central courtyard, a nod to traditional Indian architecture. The uniqueness of Springvale 518’s design lies in its column-free spaces and daring cantilevers. The structure elegantly floats above the contoured land, built predominantly in glass – a deliberate design choice to immerse the residents in the ever-changing beauty of the four seasons.

Approaching from the highway, a minimalist entryway featuring a tall stone hinge sets the tone for the property. A discreet address plaque guides guests through a meandering road flanked by coniferous trees, creating a sense of anticipation. As one navigates the forested drive, a strategically designed dead wall punctuated with glimpses of the owner’s impressive car collection greets visitors.

Upon reaching the villa, a simple architectural language directs attention to the distinction between the main residence and the entertainment area. The latter houses a pool, a linear deck with a gym, and a space for outdoor gatherings. A sprawling lawn and tennis court extend the recreational domain.

Inside, the residence unfolds with living spaces and a main courtyard, connecting inhabitants with nature. The first floor features a double-height bedroom and split-level bathrooms, emphasizing both aesthetic appeal and functionality. Notably, a gurudwara on the first floor welcomes natural light, fostering a divine atmosphere.

Springvale 518 is not merely a residence; it is an ode to luxury. Bedrooms are designed with elevated ceilings, and select spaces feature a minibar for indulgent relaxation. This architectural gem harmonizes contemporary design with the beauty of nature, creating a timeless haven for the family.