• Location
    Andheri, Mumbai
  • Area
    70,000 sq. ft
  • Status


This office features a sleek design that seamlessly blends into the cityscape. The building’s façade is clean and minimalist. A commanding L-form canopy delineates vehicular flow, instilling a sense of arrival while encapsulating the double-volume entrance space.

Upon arrival, at the heart of the reception is a bespoke metal sculpture designed in-house that narrates its global footprint. Plated with the company’s products itself, the sculpture, resembling a world map, symbolizes the company’s extensive presence across 60+ countries. The travertine stone-clad wall unifies the double-volume space and unfolds the many facets of the company. An expansive LED screen in the waiting area dynamically articulates the company’s pursuits, doubling as a gallery displaying artwork from the company’s subsidiaries.

On one hand, the ground floor boasts meeting rooms and a lift box for easy access; on the other hand, the five work floors are well-organized, leading to a unique three-floor atrium with a captivating “Falling Leaves” sculpture, also designed in-house, visible from every level.

The top three floors are dedicated to senior management, each level curated with meticulous privacy for top executives. The terrace on the 10th floor features a waterfall at the entrance, leading to a green wall with onyx interspersed, forming a bar. It also consists of a captivating 40×15 feet cutout, providing a bird’s eye view of the atrium and the sculpture below.

The color palette exudes warmth, fostering a welcoming ambiance. Permeable and open meeting areas promote collaboration, while private cabins exude exclusivity. Purpose-designed art panels integrate seamlessly, forming an art walk that complements the client’s extensive art collection.

In essence, this office is a thoughtfully designed space that mirrors the essence and global reach of the company it houses.