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    1,50,000 sq. ft
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Nestled in the prestigious and upmarket location of Juhu, Mumbai, DLH Legacy is one of the most striking structures adorning the cityscape. Unlike its surroundings, the project embraces a unique approach to design, starting with being strategically positioned at the rear side of the plot. This intentional placement, unlike typical structures in the neighborhood, allows for a grand and distinctive perception as the building unfolds against the skyline.

Keeping in mind the height restrictions due to the proximity to the airport authority’s reserved land and to accommodate a wider floor plan within the permissible FSI, the elevation is cleverly treated, breaking it into two blocks that create the illusion of a larger structure.

The building’s entrance exudes sophistication with canopies and water fountains, ushering residents and guests into an elegant realm. The entire building, finished in carbon black, makes a bold statement, standing out from the traditional color palette of the neighborhood. Darker colors are consciously chosen as they are synonymous with luxury. Two streaks of gold, running seamlessly from bottom to top and touching the canopy, act as design elements that resemble accessories, adding a touch of opulence. A specially designed logo sits proudly at the top of the construction, further emphasizing the project’s distinct identity.

Notably, the corners of DLH Legacy are gracefully curved, introducing a softer touch to the structure. This intentional design element not only enhances the building’s aesthetics but also sets it apart from the angular lines commonly seen in the neighborhood. From layout to finishing touches, DLH Legacy designed by KNS architects redefines luxury living in a prime location, offering residents an exquisite fusion of innovation, sophistication, and tranquility.


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