• Location
    Bhubaneswar, Odisha
  • Area
    20,000 sq. ft. 6.5 ACRES
  • Status


Nestled in Bhubaneswar, this exquisite 6.5-acre farmhouse is a harmonious blend of luxury and organic elegance. The journey to this architectural masterpiece begins with a discreet entry, shielded by lush trees, gradually unveiling itself as you approach.

The villa spans 20,000 square feet and is inspired by the captivating Balinese architecture. The entrance, set 10 feet below the highway, leads to a meandering road flanked by water cascades, creating a mesmerizing drive with intentional curves that invite a slower pace to savor the natural surroundings.

The transition from the lower to the upper ground is an experience in itself, with the main structure divided into two levels – the lower ground dedicated to entertainment and the upper ground hosting formal living and dining areas. Standing at 7 feet, the elevated plinth adds a touch of grandeur, while a reflective water body at the edge creates a seamless illusion, reflecting the sky and surroundings. As you step inside, a symphony of art awaits, with artworks flanking the entrance walls, leading the gaze to an expansive lawn of almost an acre. The architectural language plays with perspective, offering depth and focal points throughout the journey. A bamboo chandelier and reflective water body at the deck’s edge contribute to the visual allure. The villa features four rooms, divided into Forest and Laguna themes, that provide a sensory experience while offering panoramic views of the artificial lagoon that spans three-fourths of an acre. The Laguna rooms boast open spaces, an outdoor jacuzzi, and direct access to the lagoon, fostering a connection with nature. From boating to fishing, the lagoon can easily be used for several entertaining activities.

Beyond the villa, the lower ground reveals an entertainment haven with a party area, an organic pool, a barbeque area, and a unique ghat-like arrangement connecting to the top level. The farmhouse seamlessly incorporates a kitchen garden, emphasizing sustainability, and a treehouse that adds a playful touch to the expansive landscape.

At night, the farmhouse transforms into a radiant lantern, the lounge area becoming an architectural island bathed in light, mirroring the day’s organic elegance with a touch of luxury. This haven, designed for lavish entertainment and rich hospitality, is a testament to the meticulous fusion of nature-inspired elements and grandeur, offering an escape from the ordinary in the heart of Bhubaneswar.