• Location
    Juhu, Mumbai
  • Area
    29,000 SQ. FT.
  • Status
  • Discipline


Krishna Kunj, a luxurious apartment building is located in Juhu, Mumbai’s premium locale.

The living spaces boast an expansive layout that redefines the very essence of functional living. The apartments are designed with an eye for both aesthetics and flexibility. With heights reaching almost 11 feet, the living spaces are an embodiment of airy sophistication. The floor plan is intentionally flexible, allowing residents to transform 2 BHKs into spacious 4 or 5 BHKs, catering to diverse lifestyles and needs.

Beyond the 6th floor, residents are treated to a panoramic view, with the living spaces strategically oriented to face the Pawanhans helipad. This integration with the surroundings infuses a sense of openness and serenity. Vastu compliance is woven into the fabric of Krishna Kunj, ensuring harmonious living and positive energy flow throughout the building.

As you step into Krishna Kunj, the grandeur is immediately apparent. The lobby stands 23  feet high, commanding attention with its voluminous design. Treated in subtle veneer and offset with marble accents, the lobby presents a clean and sophisticated aesthetic that sets the tone for the entire building.

The façade of Krishna Kunj exudes modern elegance – a private haven behind a glass curtain. Softened edges and round corners lend a gentle touch, contributing to an overall softer and more inviting look for the entire structure. A bold and vibrant color palette further elevates the visual appeal of the building, making it a standout presence in the Juhu skyline. The terrace features walking tracks, cabanas, and a combination of soft and hard landscape elements that invite residents to unwind.

Located at a prime location in Juhu, this residential building is poised to redefine the standards of luxury living in Mumbai.