• Client
  • Location
    Oshiwara, Mumbai
  • Area
    300,000 sq. ft.
  • Status
  • Discipline


In the heart of Oshiwara, Mumbai, DLH Leo Towers is a symbol of architectural prowess, standing at an impressive height of 110 meters.

The design of Leo Towers is a testament to innovation, with a deliberate focus on verticality. The mass is artfully defined by sharp, straight lines that not only enhance the building’s modern appeal but cleverly create an illusion of additional height. This distinctive approach makes Leo Towers one of the tallest buildings in the region while also making it a defining part of Mumbai’s skyline.

Leo Towers spans 10 parking floors measuring 32 m, gracefully enveloped by vertical gardens on all sides. This innovative landscaping not only contributes to the aesthetic appeal but also imparts a soft and inviting ambiance to the surroundings. The 10th floor reveals an elevated entertainment deck, swimming pool, a communal space equipped with modern amenities. The touch of natural elegance continues skyward, culminating in a luxurious lounge and a panoramic viewing deck at the pinnacle of the tower.

Efficiency was key in the development of Leo Towers, with meticulous attention paid to apartment alignment and an optimized floor plan. The BMC regulations posed a challenge, but we navigated these constraints, ensuring the structure remained cohesive from the ground floor upwards.

In collaboration, KNS Architects and DLH have crafted an icon of contemporary living, where architectural brilliance converges seamlessly with practical design, marking Leo Towers as a stunning statement in Mumbai’s evolving skyline.