• Location
    Mumbai, India
  • Area
    2,400 sq.ft
  • Status
  • Discipline


The design transforms the original layout to maximize the light and the view offered by the significant location of the high rise in South Mumbai.

The design of the house is based on the concept of a ‘CUBE’ and the ‘Interplay of superimposed solids’. It favours space and simplicity over furnishing and extravagance.

Solid took the most primitive form and was imposed on every aspect of design – from the roof to the walls to the furniture pieces. Solid panels were used to create drama in the ceiling height and at the same time we used it to create negative spaces by hanging the chandelier which became a part of the design. These were then chipped into layers which formed undulating lines on the three distinct parallel planes.

The wall at the entrance was broken to achieve more openness and create no defined zones. The idea to break down the wall was to create a very family centric house with a strong visual connection between the rooms.

The living room stands out for its clarity and openness due to the subtleness of the furniture. The solid blocks in the sofa was one of the key design tool from which we derived the line form. This form was derived from the previous form which was modified and used in two different ways i.e the horizontal band and the vertical band.

Transitional spaces allow the house to unfold gradually. The master bedroom is a result of a style that weds luxury and functionality of design with the simplicity of the finished work.

Minimalist qualities and the bold use of colour combined in the interior space; create center of attention and accentuate contrasts. The uses of colour especially yellow and green enrich the visual appearance of the different rooms.

The wall between the family room and one of the bedrooms was broken down to create a partition and was treated differently resulting into a library.

In addition to creating an atmosphere and influencing mood these lights itself became an interesting decorative feature by different shadows casts by them.

Over all the spaces exude warmth and sense of space in the otherwise crowded city environment.




International Design and Architecture Award (London)

AICA Award