• Location
    Thane, Mumbai
  • Area
    40,000 sq. ft
  • Status
  • Discipline


Located in the heart of Thane, Olethia encompasses a modest 35-40,000 square feet and defies convention with its distinctive presence in a landscape dominated by sprawling structures.

Olethia unfolds across four floors – a ground floor dedicated to commercial space and three upper levels crafted for a single owner. What sets this building apart is its thoughtfully curated elevation which is a harmonious blend of glass and solid panels that orchestrates a visual spectacle. The top and ground floor are encased in glass which invites abundant natural light. Contrasting this luminosity, the two center floors are treated with a rich and striking shade of burgundy composite panels that establish a visual anchor, anchoring Olethia with a sense of substance amidst the ethereal.

By manipulating the design elements, Olethia presents itself as a floating block suspended between the grounded transparency of the lower and upper levels. The use of the burgundy hue further enhances this effect, creating an illusion that, especially in the night, the building hovers in the air.

The distinctive color palette, the interplay of glass and solid elements, and the careful consideration of form make Olethia a living piece of art that not only harmonizes with its surroundings but also demands attention and admiration for its bold and thoughtful design.