• Client
  • Location
    Juhu, Mumbai
  • Area
    1,20,000 sq. ft
  • Status
  • Discipline


Relcon is a redevelopment project nestled in the premium expanse of Juhu. The crux of the challenge for this project lay in the mandate to allocate the first four levels to the original owners, consequently constraining the floor plate to a modest scale. This limitation sparked a creative solution, as the design aimed to extend the sale level’s floor plate beyond the structure below, resulting in a distinctive architectural feature.

A pivotal decision in the design process was the selection of copper as the primary material for the facade treatment. This choice lent Relcon an aura of natural sophistication and played a pivotal role in creating an eye-catching and dynamic elevation. The facade was divided into blocks, a design strategy that accommodated the constraints of the floor plan and imbued the structure with a visually striking quality.

The elevation’s complexity was further heightened by the building’s varying levels. The top two levels were designed exclusively as the developer’s duplex, adding a distinct character to the building. This contributed to the overall impression of stacked blocks, ingeniously separated by floors. The result is a building that exudes a unique sense of dimensionality and architectural depth.

With a floor plate of 2500 square feet for the sale level and 1800 square feet for the lower section, Relcon balances spatial efficiency with a bold design vision. The 11 feet height of the structure further amplifies the sense of openness and grandeur within the building. The deliberate contrast in paint and the judicious selection of materials not only make a bold statement but also ensure that Relcon stands out in the premium landscape of Juhu.