• Location
    Lonavala, Maharashtra
  • Area
    8,000 sq. ft.
  • Status


Nestled within the undulating contours of a uniquely shaped plot, Riddhi Siddhi stands as a testament to thoughtful design and harmonious integration with its natural surroundings. This bungalow, a symphony of architectural ingenuity, unfolds on a plot with two distinctive angles, requiring a meticulous approach to positioning the structure.

The entrance is marked by a solid southern wall adorned with minimal perforations and veiled by delicate screens which serves both climatic and aesthetic purposes. It also shields the structure against relentless rain and the harsh sun, while also inviting a sense of seclusion.

The north side of the plot overlooks beautiful vistas that gracefully embrace the natural contours. A level below, a serenely crafted den and a captivating swimming pool find their place, seamlessly integrated into the natural slope without resorting to excessive excavation. The living room, on the other hand, has a deck of 6 feet and the contoured drops drastically to 20 feet below the place has been that is ingeniously repurposed, rather than filling this expanse, we chose to install a slab which gives birth to a lush lawn, providing a multi-functional haven. Below the slab, we designed a recreational space to host activities ranging from table tennis to board games, transforming the space into a dynamic entertainment area.

The bungalow’s layout unfolds in blocks, with each living space strategically open on three sides. This deliberate design choice immerses the occupants in a sensory experience, connecting them intimately with the verdant surroundings. The open courtyards serve as green breathing spaces that provide beautiful transitions between rooms with a touch of nature. The simple and clean facade, clad in stone sourced from Rajasthan, not only shields against extreme weather but is also adaptable to the environmental nuances of Lonavala.

Riddhi Siddhi emerges not merely as a bungalow but as a holistic integration of design, topography, and environmental consciousness, inviting its inhabitants into a sanctuary that embodies the essence of living in harmony with nature.