• Location
    Rabale, Navi Mumbai
  • Area
    20,000 sq. ft.
  • Status


SRS Life Sciences’ R&D Center features innovative design solutions within a confined space. Situated on a challenging thousand-square-meter plot with a unique triangular extension, the center efficiently maximizes its footprint while adhering to strict MIDC regulations.

Designed for SRS Pharma, the R&D Center embraces a factory-based construction approach – i.e. the entire five-story structure, excluding the basement, was pre-assembled off-site.

Drawing inspiration from the concept of a “wedding cake,” the building elegantly steps up, creating distinctive terraces that incorporate lush greenery. The G+1 level serves as an open breakout zone, fostering collaboration and casual meetings. The unconventional design reflects the client’s preference for open spaces, catering to a dynamic work environment.

The first two floors host offices with exposed concrete fittings and lighting, promoting an industrial aesthetic. The third and fourth floors, dedicated to advanced research, feature a more focused R&D center equipped for pharmaceutical innovation. The fifth floor serves as a versatile open area for conferences, training sessions, and collaborative gatherings.

The building is painted in a muted peach hue, inspired by one of the colors in the SRH Life logo, creating a contemporary and cohesive look. This color choice complements the surrounding greenery, adding a touch of modernity to the industrial landscape of Rabale.

SRS Life Sciences’ R&D Center in Rabale stands as a striking example of effective design adaptation within strict constraints, harmonizing functionality and aesthetics in the heart of the pharmaceutical research hub.