• Client
    Mr. Mehta
  • Location
    Poonam Chambers, Mumbai
  • Area
    2,500 sq. ft
  • Status
  • Discipline


Turquoise, a luxury furniture store, is an exquisite retail space meticulously. The 3000-square-foot store boasts a unified and seamless floor, adorned in a single, homogeneous color. This deliberate choice provides a versatile backdrop while offering the flexibility to incorporate multiple options furniture displays. The result is a harmonious canvas that allows each piece displayed to command attention and stand out in its unique elegance.

To demarcate distinct zones within the store, sheer curtains were introduced, creating a visual poetry that balances individual personality with a cohesive atmosphere. These curtains add a touch of grace to the environment while allowing for an uninterrupted visual journey through the curated displays. The result is a welcoming and dynamic atmosphere that encourages exploration and engagement.

The earthy color scheme exudes a rustic charm with ceilings and walls adorned in warm, neutral tones. Panels, subtly neutral in color, strategically offset the walls, directing attention to the furniture displayed in front of them. This intentional interplay of colors creates a sophisticated backdrop, ensuring that the focal point remains on the showcased furniture pieces.

At the heart of Turquoise lies a central open space dedicated to the display of art. This versatile area features stackable and foldable art pieces, allowing for easy reconfiguration to create space as needed. This central showcase adds an artistic dimension to the store and underscores its adaptability, transforming the space into a fluid and ever-evolving retail experience.