• Location
    Vadodra, Gujrat
  • Area
    16000 sq. ft.
  • Status


This elegant office space for Shiva Pharma was designed with art being the focal point of the concept. The client being one of the biggest art collectors in the country, the aim was to design the office space akin to an art gallery.

This remarkable office spans two levels, with each level dedicated to different components of the business. The design of these spaces is tailored to the specific needs and character of the businesses they handle, ensuring a coherent yet distinct identity.

The layout of both floors, however, remains consistent, offering a sense of coherence and unity. Long corridors lead to various sections of the office where the walls are elegant and adorned with paintings at regular intervals. The idea is to give each painting its own space to showcase its full identity.

The flooring across both floors is a blend of grey and cream marble, which exudes sophistication and timelessness. The walls on the top floor are predominantly white with slightly darker veneer accents, creating an inviting and pleasant workspace that encourages productivity and creativity.

The bottom floor of the office takes a bold design approach. Concrete finishes on the walls are juxtaposed with a light, subtle veneer that imparts a raw yet finished look. This contrast adds an intriguing dimension to the workspace, symbolizing the balance between innovation and tradition.

This office design is a testament to the transformative power of art in the workplace. It seamlessly integrates functionality and aesthetics, creating a unique and inspiring environment.



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